Network IT Solutions!
Depot Repair and upgrades, Ship to: 3220 Mid Dale Lane Louisville, Ky. 40220 Tel: 1-502-408-3906 Attn:
Onsite Setup & Repair
Onsite service - Monthly Network administration (“Call your Network Administrator”-that is me.) You can call and order computer and or parts from Computer Outlet or your favorite vendor Computer Outlet press here for directions or I will pick up the parts for you on my way. 502-499-0117 Gary Kong Typically order a SSD disk drive and I will transfer your data for about a 10X speed increase with your current system. Typically order an I7 Intel processor with a Solid State Drive (SSD) with Windows Professional. Backups and restores I use AOMEI Backupper and a 1TB SSD and a USB to SSD connector from Computer Outlet for backups. Report state of the networks and hardware I use Belarc Advisor and store the results on a USB drive. Install Antivirus and check logs for current attacks. I use Nortons if the computer is fast enough (I7 Intel), and Malware Bytes, and Windows Essentials (Windows 10). I will setup, correct and or administrate your web pages too. I use Xara web site deluxe professional edition.